RIAN, Swedish based melodic rock band, released their debut album “Out Of The Darkness” in July 2017, which was well received by fans and melodic rock media alike. The band made its live debut during 2018, which began the process of the band becoming more and more of a live unit. Add the amazing lead guitars of Tobias Jakobsson into the mix with the band and you have the cocktail that makes up the RIAN 2.0 sound.

RIAN's sophomore album, “Twenty-Three,” that took shape under the direction of producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, The Murder Of My Sweet) was released via Frontiers Music Srl  July 16, 2021.


  • Mars 16, 2023 - Studiowork ongoing for our 3rd full-lenght album, full steam ahead!
  • Nov 30, 2022 - We've started working on our 3rd album, hitting the studio in Q1 next year - we have some awesome songs coming your way!
  • July, 2021 - Our second album "Twenty-Three" is OUT!!
  • July, 2017 - Ouf first albut "Out Of The Darkness" is OUT!

Reviews "Twenty-Three"

Get Ready To Rock

"So there’s something instantly familiar and yet remarkably fresh about Rian’s material, and there’s a sonic warmth to the many songs – like ‘You Belong’ and ‘Your Beauty’ – that arrive unencumbered by a need to sound relevant, relying solely on supple melodies, taut guitars and meaty rhythms..."

"This band will go far..."

4,5 / 5


"with the incorporation of Tobias Jakobsson who is an inhuman beast... solos filled with class, mastery, and unmatched skill..."

"They are all very good musicians, starting with the vocalist and rhythm guitar Richard Andermyr, a guy who sings very, very well. He is the prototype melody rock vocalist or AOR. Jan Johansson’s drums shine at great height, Jonas Melin rules the bass rudder like the captain of a frigate, rhythmic perfection is called that..." 

Music Waves

"Twenty-Three" by Sweden's Rian, is an wonderfull album of melodic hard rock with beautiful melodies and haunting, percussive guitars..."

"What a confirmation that this second opus of Rian! "Twenty-Three" is a poignant, seductive, striking and endearing album, which should melt the fans of the genre..."



Headbangers Lifestyle

 "More mature songs, stronger individual performances by the musicians involved. With still enough variety and melody and a singer in the person of Richard Andermyr who knows how to bring it across. And he sounds likes it hardly costs him any effort at all. Like guitar-orientated heavy rock with a quality sound and a high level of good songs? I guess ‘Twenty-Three’ is your answer to that question. Excellent stuff indeed"

Reviews  "Out of the Darkness"


"...Throughout the album we have beautiful, crystal-clear vocals, wonderful

melodic guitars and rhythmic bass & drums..."

"...Not only is it one of the best releases of July, but among the best of 2017 for sure!..."



"...Out Of The Darkness" is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and innovative debuts of the year, providing a "new air" to the genre and attracting young listeners..."

"...It is a trio and they sound like they are double, the rhythm base is powerful..."

"...I love this sound! Great guitar solos throughout the song and very infectious rhythmic..."


"...With multiple influences ranging from hard rock typed 80's (as on the phenomenal title Out Of The Darkness that opens the album), to an American AOR kind BON JOVI more modern, RIAN shines a thousand lights on these 11 songs very melodic...."

"...Out Of The Darkness is an absolutely monstrous album, I assure you! A new Scandinavian star now shines in the firmament of melodic hard rock and it's RIAN !!!..."


"...along with fine hooks and melodic choruses, very good backing and a great amount of musical accessibility, the trio has a modern approach of their musical work. It’s amazing!..."

Originality: 8

Songwriting: 10

Memorability: 7

Production: 8

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